Driver Booster Pro 11 Free License Key 2023 [1-Year Activation]

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Driver Booster Pro 11 is a powerful software tool designed to optimize and update device drivers on your computer, ensuring smooth performance and enhanced system stability. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Driver Booster Pro 11 takes the hassle out of finding and installing the latest drivers for your hardware components. Whether you’re a tech-savvy user or a beginner, this software provides a comprehensive solution to keep your drivers up to date.

And now, with the exclusive free license key for 2023 for Driver Booster, you can enjoy a one-year activation of the Pro version, unlocking all the premium features and benefits that Driver Booster has to offer.

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What is Driver Booster Pro 11.0?

Driver Booster Pro 11.0 is a versatile software tool that offers a wide range of functionalities to enhance the performance of your computer. One of its notable features is the safe and stable display driver uninstaller, specifically designed to completely remove AMD, NVIDIA, and INTEL graphics card drivers from your system.

This powerful uninstaller ensures that all traces of display driver leftovers are eliminated, providing a clean slate for installing updated or alternative drivers. With Driver Booster Pro 11.0, you can effortlessly manage and optimize your display drivers, leading to improved graphics performance and system stability.

About Driver Booster Pro 11.0 Free License Key:

The Driver Booster Pro 11.0 Free License Key is a special offer that grants users a one-year activation of the Pro version of Driver Booster 11 without any cost. This exclusive license key allows users to unlock all the premium features and benefits of Driver Booster Pro 11, ensuring a comprehensive driver update and optimization experience.

By obtaining the free license key, users can take advantage of the software’s advanced functionalities, such as automatic driver updates, fast download speeds, and enhanced system performance. With regular driver updates and optimizations, users can enjoy a smoother and more stable computing experience, all thanks to the Driver Booster Pro 11.0 Free License Key.

When it comes to updating drivers, the free version of Driver Booster is a reliable choice that fulfills basic needs. However, for users seeking a more comprehensive and feature-rich experience, the Pro version offers a plethora of additional functionalities.

What’s new in Driver Booster 11.0 Pro?

  • Driver Booster 11.0 Pro introduces several new features and improvements to enhance the driver update and optimization experience. One of the standout features is the ability to easily scan and identify outdated, broken, or missing drivers with a simple click. This ensures that your system remains up to date and operates smoothly. Furthermore, Driver Booster 11.0 Pro is fully compatible with the latest Windows 10 and 11 operating systems, guaranteeing seamless performance on these platforms.
  • The single-click download and installation functionality streamline the driver update process, allowing you to effortlessly update multiple drivers with just one click. Additionally, the cloud-based downloading feature enables fast and efficient downloads, ensuring you can quickly access the latest driver updates.
  • Another notable enhancement in Driver Booster 11.0 Pro is the improved Game Mode. This feature optimizes your gaming experience by ensuring that your games run smoothly and without any interruptions caused by outdated or incompatible drivers.
  • Driver Booster 11.0 Pro also includes a driver backup feature that creates a backup of your current drivers. This backup can be useful in case you need to reinstall drivers in the future or encounter any issues during the update process.
  • Furthermore, the Pro version enables automatic updates, eliminating the need for manual driver updates. This saves you time and effort, as Driver Booster 11.0 Pro automatically checks for and installs the latest driver updates.
  • Lastly, Driver Booster 11 Pro offers optimization capabilities for various hardware components, including RAM, ROM, graphics cards, motherboard, and GPU. These optimizations help maximize the performance of your system and ensure optimal hardware functionality.
  • With these new features and improvements, Driver Booster 11.0 Pro provides a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing your drivers, leading to improved system performance and stability.

With the Pro version, users gain access to a wide array of advanced features mentioned earlier, including automatic driver updates, fast download speeds, and optimized system performance. Although the Pro version of Driver Booster typically requires a payment of $19.95 for a single PC or $22.95 for three devices, valid for one year, there are alternative options for those who may not be able to afford it.

In this post, we have compiled a list of working Driver Booster 11 Pro Free License Keys and activation codes that can be used free of charge. This way, you can still enjoy the benefits of the Pro version without any financial burden.

To obtain the software, simply visit the official Driver Booster 11 website and follow the instructions provided. With these free license keys, you can experience the full potential of Driver Booster 11 Pro, ensuring optimal driver performance and system stability.

List of Driver Booster Pro 11 Free License Key [Updated – August 26, 2023]

Update [July 24, 2023]:


[100% Working] Driver Booster 10.5 Pro Activation Codes –

This code offers 1-year subscription till June 10, 2024.


Note: These codes offer subscriptions till April O4, 2024.


Note: This code offers 6 month subscription till May 08, 2023.


Note: The above code provides a pro subscription till April 24, 2023.


Note: The above code offers a subscription till August 03, 2023.


Note: The above code offers 180 days subscription till August 02, 2023.


Note: The above code offers a subscription till June 08, 2023.

Great choice on purchasing Driver Booster 10.1! It’s always a good idea to keep your drivers up to date for optimal system performance and stability. As a generous gesture, I have decided to gift some license keys to Driver Booster users.

Below are the working license codes that you can share:

Driver Booster 10.1 License Codes [Free]:

  3. N0ERN-G2887-B0V0L-UU58A
  4. 4LWQF-35J36-FM1A1-SBQP9
  5. W8Y1J-195IG-VARMJ-R3DSK

These license codes will provide the lucky recipients with access to the advanced features and benefits of Driver Booster 10.1. With these keys, users can easily update their outdated drivers, enhance gaming performance, and ensure smooth functioning of their hardware components.

100% Working IObit Driver Booster Pro 11 License Key (Updated- July 2023)

  • 07CB7-C38C6-5B122-05440
  • 4A833-0FF38-A2F7E-42840
  • EBAD6-9DCC5-925B7-32EB0
  • 7B78E-AEE76-A056E-C9BA1
  • 885C5-CFB5A-C678C-96D40
  • C6A5E-A64EC-C6FA8-C4140

Driver Booster 11 License Key for 1 Year

  • 885C5-CFB5A-C678C-96D40
  • AMELG-EEGK8-NQYEG-MV8H3 (365 days)
  • 8E3J6-46EEY-HSLSL-MNTXS (365 days)
  • HNWCS-ZY38K-4B3WS-6DCVV (360 days)
  • 27KAA-56VKD-CA27F-8QCZ8 (360 days)

Update latest Driver Booster 11.0 License Keys

  • 7FQR6-VK9PW-H8WH8-78XRX
  • P8SEZ-AMZ55-9PX5R-EV6M4
  • 3474T-ZAMTQ-Q725Z-UHL35
  • E94PS-DL4DK-6N5V3-XJJ8K
  • 2ZBT9-8BGX8-9499M-NQQMV

Driver Booster Free 11.0 Pro 2023 Activation Codes

  • S7TGP-V3N5Z-6PMX3-E6Y5P
  • 7BLS2-58MFV-2VZLW-CC5B3
  • D65VB-XT378-9SWX3-28RSG

Driver Booster Pro 10.6 License

How to activate Driver Booster 11 Pro?

Activating Driver Booster 11 Pro is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below to activate your copy of Driver Booster 11 Pro:

  1. Start by installing Driver Booster 11 on your computer. You can download the software from the official IObit website.
  2. Once the installation is complete, launch Driver Booster 11 Pro.
  3. On the main interface, click on the “Activate Now” button, usually located in the top right corner of the window.
  4. A new window will appear, prompting you to enter the license key. Enter the valid license key for Driver Booster 11 Pro that you have obtained.
  5. After entering the license key, click on the “Activate” button to initiate the activation process.
  6. Wait for a moment while the software verifies the license key and activates your copy of Driver Booster 11 Pro. Once the activation is successful, you will receive a confirmation message.
  7. Congratulations! Your Driver Booster 11 Pro is now activated and ready to use. You can now enjoy all the premium features and benefits that come with the Pro version.

It’s important to note that the license key you use for activation should be genuine and obtained from a trusted source. Avoid using any unauthorized or invalid license keys to ensure a legal and legitimate activation process.

Driver Booster License Features & UI:

Features of Driver Booster Pro:

  1. Priority to Game Components: Driver Booster Pro prioritizes updating game-related components, such as graphics drivers and audio drivers, to enhance gaming performance and compatibility.
  2. Fixing Device Errors: The Pro version of Driver Booster includes a feature to fix common device errors, such as device not recognized or device malfunctioning, by updating the corresponding drivers.
  3. Automatic Updates: With Driver Booster Pro, you can set up automatic driver updates at scheduled intervals, ensuring that your system is always up to date without manual intervention.
  4. Offline Driver Updater: Driver Booster Pro provides an offline driver updater feature that allows you to update drivers even without an internet connection. You can download driver update packages on a different computer and transfer them to the target computer to update drivers offline.
  5. Enhanced Driver Database: The Pro version of Driver Booster may offer a larger driver database compared to the free version, including more device drivers from various manufacturers.
  6. Advanced Driver Backup and Restore: Driver Booster Pro may provide advanced backup and restore options, allowing you to create full driver backups or selective backups, as well as restoring drivers from backups when needed.

User Interface (UI): The user interface of Driver Booster Pro is likely to be similar to the free version, but it may include additional elements or options related to the advanced features available in the Pro version. Some specific UI elements you may find in Driver Booster Pro include:

  1. License Activation: A section or option where you can enter your purchased license key to activate the Pro version of Driver Booster.
  2. Advanced Settings: Driver Booster Pro may offer additional settings and customization options compared to the free version. These settings could include options for automatic updates, offline driver updates, and advanced backup and restore settings.
  3. Priority Game Components: In the UI, there may be a dedicated section highlighting the prioritized updates for game components to improve gaming performance.
  4. Pro Version Status: A visual indicator or badge in the UI that shows you’re using the Pro version, indicating that you have access to the additional features and benefits.


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